Do you have a locally owned business in Durham?

Join our Shop Durham program for free and align yourself with over 170 locally owned Durham businesses!

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Membership is free.

Your business will be listed in the online directory as well as our ‘Best of the Bull’ app.

Why join?

You’ll get more loyal customers in the door, free advertising on our social media platforms, website, free mobile app, newsletters, and Guide to Durham series on

How to Join

Simply create an unique offer for the Shop Durham card. Choose your own reward, change it anytime, limit it to certain days or times. It’s up to you.

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Nope! We have lots of local makers, online shops, and run-from-home spots that are part of the program. As long as you are a Durham based and grown business (Not a franchise), you’re in! You can create a coupon code or accept the card at local markets.

Yes! Feel free to choose a time or day that may be slower. That way it will encourage cardholders to come at that time.

When you give a small discount it allows us to do free advertising for you. And you’re rewarding the cardholders that come in and actually spend money. 

Say you do 10% off $10 or more. If 200 people come in because they have the card and spend at least $10, that’s $2000 – $200(10% discount) = $1800 in your pocket.

We think that’s a pretty good return for just joining Shop Durham for free.

Plus you’re giving them an incentive to come try your business and maybe even become customers for life.

The deadline to join to be included in the 2019 program is Nov. 15, 2018. 

We want to get your business set up in the app and online before the launch of the 2019 card on Black Friday.

Think of the money you spend on Facebook or print advertising...

How do you know if you're getting a return on your investment? With Shop Durham, you're rewarding the customers that actually come in your door and spend their dollars in Durham. You know you're reaching the right audience because they're passionate about the local community and want to support you!

Need some ideas for an offer? Check out these.

Support the local community

Support the local community with your Shop Durham card.  $1 of your purchase will go to our non-profit partners- Communities in Schools of Durham, Scrap Exchange, Duke Homestead, and World Church Service.

The Best Part? It's Free For You to Join.