Complete Chiropractic Sports & Wellness

Complete Chiropractic Sports & Wellness

$39 Chiropractic Consultation & Exam for New Patients

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Shop Durham Offer: $39 Chiropractic Consultation & Exam for New Patients We are a local, family-owned Chiropractic office offering Whole Body Cryotherapy! Enjoy 25% off Cryo when you show your Shop Durham card! WHAT is WHOLE BODY CRYOTHERAPY: Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is an innovative, holistic wellness solution that enables the human body to recover and rejuvenate itself naturally. The cold, dry air provides a much faster and convenient method of healing the body that is much more comfortable and effective as opposed to other cooling or recovery methods such as dry ice applications or ice baths. During cryotherapy, the body is exposed to extremely low temperatures (for 1-3 minutes) to trigger the body’s most powerful mechanisms of self-protection, self-recovery and self-rejuvenation. MAJOR BENEFITS of WHOLE BODY CRYOTHERAPY: * Faster recovery from sports & performance * Reduces fatigue, anxiety & stress * Enhances cellulite reduction * Stimulates weight loss (lose 500-800 calories per session) * Reduces inflammation & joint pain * Promotes energy, endorphin release & better sleep * Reduces muscle soreness DRESS CODE: * Robe (Provided & Removed During Treatment) * Long Socks (Provided) * Slippers (Provided) * Gloves (Provided) * Underwear (Bottoms/Optional) * Sports Bra (Women/Optional) Any additional questions about Cryotherapy call the office or please click –> HERE We Hope to See You Soon!