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Shop Durham Offer: Free add-on to any bowl, juice, or smoothie Juicekeys is a Juice Bar and Health Boutique. Our mission is to provide “KEYS” to great health. We are passionate about the synergies between nutrition, education, and leading an active lifestyle. We are a locally owned and operated brother-sister team based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. We strive to provide our customers with tools to help them run towards greater health as efficiently and effectively as possible. We believe in the concept of “Let food be thy medicine”. Our products are packed full of nutrition without the harmful ingredients that cause stress on the body. Kelly Young is a certified Hippocrates Health Educator She feels passionate about educating others and helping them seek ways of feeling their best! She specializes in selecting the nutritional products that fall in line with Juicekeys’ mission. Chris Young has a background in team leadership in the United States Marine Corps and an MBA from the University of Southern California. He is passionate about business collaboration and strategy. He strives to deliver the best opportunities for living a healthy lifestyle. Chris loves juices!