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I want to share a story about why I started photography. My grandmother passed away many years ago and I assumed the memories I had of her were true-to-life memories. One day my mother took the old photo box shoe box out and we were reminiscing on past loved ones and better days when it occurred to me my memories were but a drop in the bucket of my life with her. Every photo flipped over was a fresh ocean wave of memories from that day I had long forgotten and I could once again smell the chicken and dumplings on the stove and remember the excitement when I showed up for sleepovers. I want that for my clients. I want my clients to feel all those moments 20 years from now when they hold a picture in their hand and thank back on the day in the tall grass when Jacob found a grasshopper and proceeded to follow it around. That memory is so precious, but so easily forgotten. Take this moment to consider investing in your memories. Those babies are only this small for a short time so do not wait too long. Send me a message and let’s talk about how we can make your memories last forever