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Shop Durham Offer: 10% off first turf care application Pleasant Green Grass has grown “organically” from its local roots to become the region’s largest and longest running organic lawn care company. Pleasant Green Grass was founded by Scott Walker in the community of Pleasant Green, Durham, NC. After graduating from NC State University, Scott studied the science of fertilization, weed control and the threats regularly used pesticides and other chemicals pose to people, pets and the environment. (Please read “Poison in the grass”)Scott moved out west and trained and worked for four years with an organic lawn care company that helped him combine his study on the science of better, healthier, planet-friendly lawn care with best business practices and knowledge of what customers really want. He created an improved, customized program for organic lawn care that could avoid the conventional hazardous substances, produce better performing lawns and offer services at about the same or lower price than conventional “chemical” lawn companies. Pleasant Green Grass is a company that has grown the right way, with good, knowledgeable people with integrity who care about the environment and creating healthy ecosystems in our lawns and elsewhere. Pleasant Green Grass was formed to be part of our larger solution. Now it’s your turn, too.