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Shalay Peterson Photography

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Shop Durham Offer: 20% off session fee + free 8×10 photo So we all know the story…   You get beautiful family photos done and you are SO excited for them! You IMMEDIATELY share them with all your friends on Facebook and Instagram and maybe make some Christmas cards…and then what?   Those files sit there and you never touch them again. They get dusty on a shelf, buried in a drawer, or simply stay on your computer…which I hope you’ve backed up   My passion is all about breaking this habit! I specialize in photographing families but my focus is really on then getting those photos out of the digital world and into your hands and on your walls for you to ENJOY and to pass down to future generations! We’ll make memories and art that last!   How?! I do this by absolutely pampering you! I guide you easily through the process from day one so that your family session isn’t something that you dread or that adds stress to your already busy life but that it’s something that you can enjoy with your loved ones and look forward to!   On the day of your session we’re going to have SO MUCH FUN! It’s important to me that you feel at ease and let the feelings of stress that often come with family picture day just melt away. I’ve got you covered! I’ll get those traditional photos of sweet smiles but I’ll also capture the personality of your family! It’s those real, candid moments that you’ll look back on years later and immediately be reminded of that stage of your life and how it felt to be in that moment with your loved ones.   And that’s not even the BEST part! After your session we’ll schedule your reveal night which is definitely one of my clients favorite experiences! I can’t wait to work with you!   Shop Durham Offer: 20% off session fee AND complimentary 8×10 photo