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Our collection is made up of mindfully made designs from the top emerging and established independent designers. At the heart of our collection is quality, design, natural-fiber textiles, and manufacturing in the US and Europe. We choose to support independent designers because they can hit each of these marks. It also offers us (and you) the ability to support artists who, through their own brand, are able to be innovative and stay true to their vision, thus bringing something truly unique to the market each season.

Nadira and Ryan Hurley, founders of Vert & Vogue, met in Paris in 2001 at a men’s boutique managed by Nadira. After buying a new wardrobe from her, Ryan couldn’t help but ask Nadira out on a date. After a little persistence (she didn’t date her customers), she accepted. They were soon married in 2002. Following a honeymoon year living in Paris, they moved to New York and started a family. They soon found themselves in the suburbs wanting more. For Ryan, that meant a green business. For Nadira, a return to retail fashion. From those intentions, the concept of Vert & Vogue was born. The gritty revitalizing city of Durham would become its perfect home. Nadira and Ryan opened the doors of Vert & Vogue on September 10, 2008.