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Shop Durham Offer: 10% off total We serve poke bowls and poke burritos as well as rotating local beers and kombucha. Poké is a classic Hawaiian dish made up of raw fish that’s cut into cubes which most can think of as similar to deconstructed, customizable sushi bowls. At ZenFish, we try to source as many local ingredients from NC farmers as much as possible. Our sauces are made in-house, most of which most are gluten-free. We have vegetarian and vegan, cooked and raw, options too! We have lots of topping and mix-ins options as well as a variety of bases such as Japanese rice, organic quinoa, local salad mix and freshly spiralized zucchini noodles that you can choose as your base. We’d like to think that we have something for everyone. At ZenFish, our mantra is simple: to provide customizable and nutritious food while bringing the community together and creating a welcoming and positive space for all. All are welcome! #DoGoodEatWell