The Ultimate Instagram Workshop: Everything You Need to Know for Your Small Business

The Ultimate Instagram Workshop: Everything You Need to Know for Your Small Business

Hey there! Katelyn here, from Best of the Bull and Shop Durham! I’m so excited to be here and let you in on all my Instagram tips and tricks. Social media has been the driving force behind both of our small businesses and I want to show you how it can work for you too.

We all know that each hour of an entrepreneurs life counts, and I want to ensure you are spending your social media time wisely! Whether you are a social media guru or not, there’s no denying that Instagram can change the game of your business. In my opinion, there’s nothing better than free advertising, and Instagram is one of the best, most authentic ways to reach your current and potential customers day after day.

That said, it’s not always easy. Social media strategy takes time, thought, and energy to maximize your impact.

Here’s what you’ll learn

I’m going to walk you through some of the biggest components of using Instagram- and really, this can be used across all of your social media!

I’ll show you what you need to be posting, which hashtags to use, how to boost your engagement, the best times and days to post, my must-have apps, and how to schedule your content to save yourself hours every week.

Click on each topic to learn all about it.

Getting Started: Instagram Basics

This post is for those of you starting your account from scratch. I’ll walk you through how to choose a username, post photos and videos, share Stories, and add highlights. If you’re already familiar with Instagram you can probably skip this section!

What You Need to Be Posting on Instagram: Choose Your Top 5

It’s time to choose the main topics that you want to share with your customers! This could anything from your products to photos of your shop to customer photos. Ask yourself, what do you want your customers to know about you?

How to use Hashtags and Which Ones to Use

We all know by now that the name of the game on Instagram these days is engagement so let’s beef up one strategy that can help your posts be seen and engaged with: hashtags.

The Best Times and Days to Post

One thing that is often overlooked when you are posting is the TIMING of the post! What hour you post each day majorly impacts engagement and subsequent “success” of the post! The timing of an Instagram post is a key part of social media strategy, and I for one want to do everything I can to maximize Instagram’s impact! 

How to Batch and Schedule Your Content for Instagram

Every single day I wake up knowing exactly what photo is going up, what the caption is going to read, and when I am posting it. Are you ready to hear my fool-proof system and save yourself hours every week?

Using Later To Schedule Your Posts

Our favorite (free!) app called Later has helped us organize, schedule and post images to all of our social media. It’s the key to our consistency and to be present when our audience is.

Must-Have Tools and Apps For Instagram

Want to know what my go-to’s are when it comes to my trusty iPhone and some of the tools I’m using each day could help simplify your life? I’ve put our list of essential Instagram apps and tools together here for you.

Boosting Engagement and Engaging with Your Audience (So Important!)

I’m letting you in on the secret to getting more comments and likes on your posts. (Hint: it’s really easy!)