Shop Durham Vendor Agreement and Policies

Shop Durham Vendor Agreement and Policies 

Updated: October 30th, 2019 

By submitting your application, you are agreeing to all of the following below. Please read each line carefully and thoroughly. Shop Durham reserves the right to hold you accountable for all points listed. Failure to sign or not uphold the below may result in suspension from future events organized by Shop Durham and our affiliates. 

GENERAL POLICIES FOR ALL VENDORS The following policies are applicable to participants of Shop Durham events, including their agents and/or employees. They are subject to change. 

Shop Durham and our affiliates reserve the right to prohibit anyone from selling and/or refuse any product from being sold. 

Shop Durham and our affiliates reserve the right to refuse participation to vendors who do not comply with the Shop Durham events regulations or do not meet Shop Durham and our affiliates standards which include, but are not limited to, following all local, city, state and federal laws and regulations. 

Shop Durham and our affiliates staff have the authority to move and re-assign vendor spots to enhance or facilitate operations. 

Shop Durham and our affiliates are not liable for any injury, theft or damage to either the buyer or seller, or their property, arising from or pertaining to the preparation for or participation in Shop Durham events. 

Hawking is strictly prohibited at Shop Durham events. This means that you cannot yell or shout at customers to draw attention to your location. Engaging with customers with a friendly, welcoming demeanor, eye contact, and warm greeting is permitted and encouraged. 

Shop Durham events are a non-smoking event, including, but not limited to the properties housing each location and trolleys (if applicable). 

Abusive language and hazardous or offensive behavior are not tolerated. Shop Durham and our affiliates staff have the right to request the offending vendor or vendor employee to leave the area. Upon failure of the offending party to leave, Shop Durham and our affiliates may remove property at the vendor’s expense, and Shop Durham events is discharged from any and all loss or damage occurring in such removal. Shop Durham and our affiliates do not guarantee the marketability of the vendors’ goods or the success of the vendors’ efforts. 

Please come prepared with your own site supplies. It is your choice whether to accept credit cards or cash, but understand that most attendees will want to use a bank card. WiFi access is not guaranteed. You are responsible for bringing your own mobile hotspot or other hardware you may need to accept payment. 

Each vendor operates as an individual entity and is responsible for setting his/her own prices. You are responsible for being completely set up 15 minutes prior to the event start. 

LICENSE, PERMITS, INSPECTIONS, INSURANCE AND SPECIAL FEES Vendors are responsible for their own taxes (including sales tax), necessary permits, and license liabilities. You must have proof of a tax ID number to sell at any of our event locations. At any given time, you may be asked to share proof of your tax ID number. If you are asked to provide and it is not available, you may be suspended from participating and selling at the event. 

As a small business participating in any event, you should have insurance to cover your business in case of any mishap. A short term insurance policy is highly suggested for Shop Durham events (Note: We suggest reaching out to your insurance agent if you have questions or are unsure as to what policy is best.) 

BOOTH SET-UP AND LOAD-IN Though creativity is encouraged with respect to the layout of display booths, all vendor’s’ equipment must be contained within their designated vending areas and be safely constructed. You do not have to fasten your setup, besides your tent which should be weighted with a minimum of 10 pounds per leg. Shop Durham and our affiliates are not liable for any damage or loss during event load-in or load-out. 

ATTENDANCE If you have committed to being at Shop Durham events, you, or someone representing your business must be there from for the entirety of the event. Failure to arrive promptly, be set-up by open of business, maintain your space attended at all times, or stay for the duration of the event will result in your suspension from future events. 

Fourteen (14) days notice is required if you will not be able to participate in Shop Durham events. Failure to not attend event without notice will result in suspension from future events. 

CANCELLATION Shop Durham events is a rain or shine event. A decision to cancel Shop Durham events will be made as a last resort. Conditions threatening public safety will cause cancellation. 

If Shop Durham events are canceled, each vendor will be contacted at their phone number and/or email address on record. 

REFUND POLICY Shop Durham does not refund vendor fees. 

By submitting your application, you’ve agreed to our policies for each date you participate in.