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Why Buy Local?

We know that for every $100 spent at a chain store, an average of $14 is reinvested in the community. For every $100 spent at a local store, an average of $68 is reinvested in the community. That money maintains our schools, paves our roads, employs our friends and neighbors and makes Durham a wonderfully diverse and interesting place to live. Local businesses create jobs, boost our local economy and preserve our neighborhoods.

It’s simple really.

Keeps money circulation in the local economy

Supporting a locally-owned business puts more than 3 times the amount of money back into our community than buying from a national chain store. This is because these businesses do business with other locals creating the all-important multiplier effect in the local economy. 

Prosperity for All

Local businesses are headquartered here, so profits and taxes stay here. The “multiplier effect” of locals choosing locals creates diverse job opportunities, protecting us from the effects of economic downturns.

Unique, vibrant community

Durham is a place of pride and part of that pride comes from knowing our place is unique, the people are exceptional, and the natural beauty stunning. We lose that if we become a city, state or region that is like any other – Anywhere, USA.

Help to improve and protect the environment

The purchasing habits, central location and smaller footprint of local businesses often results in less pollution and congestion.

Support a healthy and happy community

Studies show that those who live in communities where local-independent businesses are the norm are healthier – and thus happier.

Take The Pledge

Sign the pledge to Buy Local and shift 10% or more of your spending to local businesses. We’re here to help along the way!

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