Your secret to discovering the best spots in Durham: The Shop Durham card

Your secret to discovering the best spots in Durham: The Shop Durham card

With a Shop Durham card, you get exclusive freebies, deals, and discounts at hundreds of locally owned, independent Durham businesses — all year long. 

When you use the card you are making an impact right here in the Durham community. Plus you get everyday deals and freebies at hundreds of spots like Cloche Coffee, Bull City Fair Trade, Durham Co-Op Market, Cocoa Cinnamon, Locopops, Joe Van Gogh, Monuts, and more!

How does the card work?

It’s pretty simple! Think of it like a discount card, but better. First, check our website directory for a full list of the 260+ participating businesses and their offers. When you visit a business just show them the card when you make a purchase (or use the coupon codes emailed to you for online shops)

Can I use the offers as often as I would like?

Yep, That’s one of the best parts of the having a Shop Durham card. The offers are good all year long. We want to visit these local businesses over and over again. Become regulars. Get to know them and support local first.

Why buy local?

We know that for every $100 spent at a chain store, an average of $13 is reinvested in the community. For every $100 spent at a local store, an average of $68 is reinvested in the community. 

That money maintains our schools, paves our roads, employs our friends and neighbors and makes Durham a wonderfully diverse and interesting place to live.

Do Shop Durham cards expire?

Yes – Shop Durham Cards can be used as often as you like, beginning on Black Friday of the previous year and expiring on December 31st of the year on the card (ex – 2018 cards are good from Black Friday 2017 through December 31st 2018). Every new year we release a brand new card with a new original design for you to replace your current card and add to your growing collection of awesome local art.​

Ready to start discovering the best spots in Durham?